Daily Point of Light # 1677 Jul 7, 2000

Janice Jackson helped form the first regional Teen Leadership Conference for the area and the first Oldham County community task force to promote drug-free youth (now called Challengers). She currently serves as parent-school liaison on the Challengers board of directors.

Jackson co-founded Project Graduation for Oldham County seniors, a drug-free event held each spring to reduce graduation night tragedies. She also coordinates the production of a Safe Homes Directory, a collaboration between the school PTSAs and Challengers, which lists parents’ addresses and phone number who support only drug-free parties and events at their homes. She monitors legislative session on various prospective laws that will reduce drug abuse, protect families, and provide effective health education for Kentucky students. Jackson also serves as a community representative on a statewide Governor’s Kentucky Incentives for Prevention Advisory Council.

Jackson was elected as the 1996 Volunteer of the Decade by Champions for a Drug-Free Kentucky because of her advocacy and training work for the six rural counties (Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble). She received the 1997 Robert Strauss Award at the annual Kentucky School of Drug and Alcohol Studies for her volunteerism in the state and community, as well as the 1997 WLKY-TV Bell Award for “unselfish, humanitarian service.”

Currently, Jackson serves as President of Kentucky Association for School Health. She has been an asset to this organization, bringing about positive change by collaborating with the Kentucky Public Health Association. With everyone working together, public health and school health, there will be a greater impact. Jackson’s leadership has allowed this to happen.

With two children in public schools, Jackson was naturally drawn to serve the PTA. She wanted to help and she wanted the school experience to be a positive one for her family, and others. As her involvement grew, she became more aware of the multitude of issues that face students, teachers, and administrators on a daily basis. With her nursing background, she zeroed in on such issues as nutrition, tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention education, indoor air quality, environmental issues and recycling, playground safety, HIV/AIDS prevention education and all other issues that deal with the health and welfare of children. She has served as member of the Kentucky PTA Board of Directors since 1990 and is currently a member of the Health and Welfare Commission.

Through her work on numerous committees, task forces and boards, her efforts have been a catalyst for significant change. When she works directly with students, whether it is with Peer Leadership Training in HIV/AIDS education or running a leadership development training day for students in her high school, her dedication shines through. Her only motivation is a better and healthier life for all children and youth in Kentucky.