Janice Katz

Daily Point of Light # 1348 Apr 5, 1999

Service to satisfy human needs is a way of life for Janice Katz. A special education teacher for 11 years, she knows what it means to work with people who are in need of service. Yet, for years she has contributed time above and beyond her 8-hour workday to ensure that her help extends to people of all walks of life. Most of her volunteer service hours are for Samaritan House, a nonprofit organization helping people within Central San Mateo County, CA.

Through several programs, Katz is able to lavish her boundless care on needy citizens. In addition to her work for Samaritan House, she is a volunteer for "Shut In" Senior Citizens, which she has participated in for 20 years. She has volunteered for the San Francisco Tenderloin for 10 years and held the city Chairman post for the March of Dimes in 1970. For several years, Katz has also solicited contributions to benefit the Leukemia Society and the American Heart Association.

Her largest volunteer role is for Samaritan House where she serves as the Office Volunteer Coordinator of the Samaritan House Clinic. She volunteers many hours with the clinic to assure that patients are seen in a fast, efficient manner. The Samaritan House, which is now in its 25th year of service and has a monthly average of 600 client visits, plus an additional 400 phone calls requesting services. Their clinic provides medical care for community members who are uninsured and have little or no access to health care. With her positive outlook and ability to empower people, clinic workers and patients alike leave the clinic feeling more positive about themselves. Her motivation has helped to eliminate staff turnover at the clinic for the past two years.

Through her volunteer work, Janice Katz has made a profound impact on society by creating a strong momentum of committed volunteers at Samaritan Hose who work with people in serious need of medical, social and behavioral assistance.