Janice Strizver

Daily Point of Light # 3985 May 13, 2009

For many residents living in Southern California, the firestorm of 2007 was a devastating time. More than 1,100 homes were burned, including the home of Janice Strizver.

The majority of victims who lost their homes were uninsured or underinsured and had little to no means of collecting supplies to rebuild their homes. That is where Janice came in. Even though she lost her own home, she tirelessly worked to help others in similar situations. She began coordinating donations for other firestorm victims by reaching out to businesses and charities in the community. Her efforts brought more than $100,000 worth of donations to the victims including building materials such as nails, doors, tools, lights, etc.

As the leader of the only organization solely dedicated to helping the victims of the firestorm, Janice worked endlessly to distribute supplies and other items to as many people as possible, putting their homes ahead of her own.

In addition to working full-time and also rebuilding her own home, Janice made it her mission to get the victims of the 2007 firestorm in Southern California back on their feet and back in permanent homes.