Daily Point of Light # 1701 Aug 10, 2000

Javine “J.C.” Miller has taken the mission and vision of Dollars for Scholars and personally mobilized it across the state of Iowa. He founded the Dollars for Scholars chapter, Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Brooklyn-Gurnsey-Malcom (CSF of B.G.M.) in 1989. This chapter serves the school district of 655 students that bears the same name.

The local student’s attitude towards post secondary education has changed greatly. Prior to this chapter’s existence, less than 45% of the local high school graduates continued their education after high school. Today, the number of high school students in this area that are continuing their education is more than 80% thanks to financial and inspirational support form Miller and CSF of B.G.M.

Brooklyn-Gurnsey-Malcom (B.G.M.) is a small, rural community where residents often find it difficult to fund their children’s post secondary education. Since Miller started the CSF of B.G.M., more than $193,000 has been distributed to 462 students. The scholarship support has been awarded to more than the traditional top 10% of a graduating class, thus making more students aware that they should aspire to further their education. The creation of CSF of B.G.M. has fulfilled the lack of scholarship support within the community and helped bring the community and the school together.

Miller had the insight to start an endowment fund for his chapter. The endowment ensures that there will always be money available for scholarships – even if times become difficult for the community. Today, this endowment has reached more than $800,000, thus ensuring continued scholarship support in the Brooklyn-Gurnsey-Malcom community.

Miller has started more than 25 chapters throughout the state. In turn, these volunteers have raised thousands of dollars in scholarship funds for students in their communities. Miller voluntarily travels throughout the state talking with interested volunteers and starting new chapters for Iowa Dollars for Scholars. The B.G.M. community reflects Miller’s drive to enable students to reap the benefits of higher education.