Jayci Derby

Daily Point of Light # 4959 Feb 11, 2013

Jayci started a local organization called Jayci’s Wreaths for Heroes, and raises money to honor more fallen heroes while honoring those who are still serving. During the 2011 Christmas season, 12-year-old Jayci noticed there were not enough people who knew about and understood the need to honor our military heroes. She visited Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery where her grandfather is buried following National Wreath Day 2011, and noticed that very few of the gravesites were adorned with a wreath. Each year, Jayci’s goal is to put at least one more wreath on gravesites at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery than the previous year, and to continue to educate and involve young people in this effort so they will see the importance of patriotism, citizenship and respect for our heroes.

Dev Staff