Jeannie Gallina

Daily Point of Light # 4223 Apr 12, 2010

When people are in an impossible situation, they look for someone to lead them out of their circumstance. However, not even Jeannie Gallina suspected what she could do to help the people of Clay County, FL. By founding The Way Free Medical Clinic, Jeannie found a way to provide healthcare for those with no other resources.

Many people in Clay County, Florida were living without access to affordable healthcare or health insurance. Despite being employed, it was not an affordable option for them. Even worse, county programs that provided prenatal care to expectant mothers were cut due to budget constraints. After attending a Justice of the Peace retreat sponsored by the Diocese of St. Augustine, Ms. Gallina was inspired to change this. Despite being told her vision was impossible, Jeannie knew it could happen.

Through humble means, Jeannie started her clinic. At first, it was only one day a month, slowly convincing local medical professionals and volunteers to give them time. Over time she has partnered with many local medical facilities to provide primary care and other medical service for free or at a reduced cost. Now with a volunteer staff of over 150 doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and translators, the clinic serves over 100 people the 8 days it is open during the month. People who couldn’t afford healthcare before, now have access to exceptional healthcare.

The clinic also aids the local hospital by reducing the number of people who visit the emergency room due to no other healthcare options being available. Despite not having any experience in the medical field or experience running a nonprofit, Jeannie Gallina saw a need, and knew there was a way to make sure it was met.