Jeff Davis High School Humanitarian Club

Daily Point of Light # 3838 Oct 20, 2008

The young men and women of Jeff Davis Humanitarian Club guided by their incredible teacher, Edvique Kerr, made the decision to adopt in Haiti as their Humanitarian outreach program. Haiti is the third poorest country in the world and is currently suffering with one of the worst famines to date.

The high school students initiated a campaign called “Fill The Container” which will be to fill a 20 foot shipping container with basic need items and to ship it to Haiti in June. The students have worked tirelessly since they kicked off the campaign. They have been energetic and creative to get other youth, churches, schools, and clubs involved throughout Montgomery to fill the container!

The students have boxes sorted, and labeled throughout the school and in their classroom to collect specific items of need for the children of Haiti. Among the many items the students are collecting are school supplies, hygiene care items, tennis shoes, medical supplies, bottled water and rice and beans! The classroom is overflowing with boxes, already many of the boxes are filled and sealed and ready for shipping!!! To top it all off already the students have collected well over 500 pounds of rice alone and over $2400!

The students sell candy, bake sales, t-shirt sells and collect pennies each day as well. They have created posters, banners. T-shirts, Power Point presentations and even a Rap song all for the children of Haiti!

Each Friday on the school television the Humanitarian Club presents a Power Point presentation to show the recent photos of Haiti, the children at the school in Haiti and to educate others at JD teachers at the school, but the community as well!