Daily Point of Light # 1815 Jan 17, 2001

Imagine receiving a call late at night with a woman in distress as a result of domestic violence. A similar situation is what began Agnes and Jerry Lewis’ volunteer service in the Tinley Park, Illinois area. Agnes and Jerry Lewis have been serving women and children for the past 20 years. They have given of their time, resources, and love to many in need.

The Crisis Center is a domestic violence agency available to serve the public 24 hours a day with a full range of counseling and program services. The Lewis’ answered an overnight domestic violence hotline in their home before the Center was founded in 1980 by the American Association of University Woman. As a couple, they have helped meet community needs, built connections between the community and victims of domestic violence, and positively impacted the community by developing unique approaches to performing their vital service.

The Lewis’ always have a compassionate ear to listen to the problems of the women that are calling for help. They offer them referrals to other agencies and helped in any other way they can. When the Crisis Center was officially founded, it helped meet community needs by offering shelter services to women and their children who would not have any other on-site shelter to contact in the southern suburb of Chicago.

Some of the victims of domestic violence do not have transportation. The Lewis’ spend a great deal of their time and resources transporting clients to the center. This builds a bond between the community and the victims and develops a relationship and trust. The recipients know they can rely on the Lewis’ to get them to the center.

The dedicated work of Jerry and Agnes Lewis helps the Crisis Center to achieve its goals. They always attempt to make services available to women and children who were previously isolated. They have demonstrated a firm commitment and give every client the same level of faithful service. They have also taken many clients to attorney’s offices, domestic violence court, and the Crisis Center’s Neat Repeats Resale Shoppe to obtain clothes. During the past seven years of rendering service, Agnes and Larry Lewis have spent at least 20 hours every week shopping for the clients. In addition to that, they make trips to the drugstore or other stores during the week.