Joe H. Sweatt

Daily Point of Light # 1374 May 11, 1999

Joe H. Sweatt has consistently produced positive results for the past 48 years in both volunteer and professional leadership. He continues a career that has spanned five decades in the same low profile and quietly supportive manner that has characterized him thus far. His leadership roles have included high school administrator, counselor, teacher, coach, interim director of the Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Healthcare System and project administrator of the Jefferson Comprehensive Care Center Inc. Even retirement did not slow the pace at which Mr. Sweatt labors to improve the quality of life in Jefferson County, AR.

Mr. Sweatt is always willing to share his talents, concern and time to address serious community needs. He has worked on projects intended to help in areas such as teen pregnancy, senior adult needs, handicapped accessibility, minority youth volunteer participation and affordable mental health services. In doing so, Sweatt successfully forms partnerships with people of varied interests, backgrounds, capabilities and expectations to achieve a common goal. In planning and negotiating to extend human services and educational opportunities, he has led the community to respond financially and develop programs that are increasingly self-sufficient and sustainable.

Specifically, he wrote the original proposals which resulted in the establishment and funding of three important organizations – Jenkins Memorial Center – served 358 clients ranging from infant through adult; Southeast Arkansas Behavioral Healthcare System – served 5,700 clients resulting in 771,900 units of service; and Jefferson Comprehensive Center – more than 38,000 medical and dental visits by the needy as of 1997. Sweatt's indispensable and significant leadership and education has mobilized countless community volunteers to make living more affordable for Jefferson County citizens.

However, writing million-dollar proposals is only one aspect of Sweatt's service. He has taught Sunday school for over 46 years. He also serves on numerous board and panels in his community. His service is far reaching and has made a lasting impression on the community in which he lives.