Johanna Crawford

Daily Point of Light # 5465 Apr 27, 2015

One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. This chilling statistic is a reality for Johanna Crawford who grew up in an abusive household. But Crawford refused to just be a statistic and took matters into her own hands. In 2004 Crawford started Web of Benefit, Inc to liberate women from domestic violence.
“We help survivors one-on-one create a life plan and define what their biggest dreams are and then we figure out the steps to get them there,” Crawford explains.
Web of Benefit has a two-step approach to helping women create a life free from domestic violence. The first step for survivors on the ‘Transition to Self-Sufficiency’ is applying for a grant by building a plan for economic survival.
“Grants can only be $600-$700, but we can be very flexible with what the grants are for because we don’t take any public money. We’ve helped get a prosthetic eye, fixing teeth, housing, education, micro-financing, hundreds of laptops; whatever the specific need is,” Crawford explains.
After receiving the grant, survivors become a piece of the Web of Benefit network by adhering to the ‘Pay-it-Forward’ philosophy. Survivors complete three good works for a fellow victim of domestic violence.
“These are women who could not help themselves six months or a year ago, and now they are out there helping other women. Its such a powerful thing for women to know they can help other people,” Crawford adds.
Crawford saw a gap in the attention being given to domestic abuse survivors after volunteering at a domestic violence agency in 2004. A scared and penniless woman explained to Crawford that while fleeing her abusive home, she left behind all the documents she and her children needed to start a new life. Crawford broke agency rules and gave the women $40, which she used to pay for access to her government records. That woman was able to start fresh and create a new life, but she needed that initial help to get started
Crawford remembers thinking, “If I can do that for $40, I have to do it in a bigger way.”
Since that experience, Crawford and her team at Web of Benefit have given grants to more than 1860 survivors totaling over $950,000, touched the lives of more than 7,000 women and their families, and partners with more than 80 organizations in Boston and 25 in Chicago.
“I thought, if I could help 100 women that would be amazing. Now, we’re closing in on 2,000,” Crawford says.
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