Jonathan Liu

Daily Point of Light # 3989 May 19, 2009

As a high school student, Jonathan Liu was anything but ordinary. He traveled to the He Bei province in China every summer to make sure the local children knew what it was to dream, to follow those dreams, and to make them come true.

He would travel to the rural area of LeShui County and live with students’ families with no air conditioning in the summers when it was 90 degrees. Most of the students were from farming families and had never left their hometown. Jonathan encouraged them through motivating speeches on the importance of education and chasing their dreams. Along with teaching the students English and mentoring them, Jonathan also donated 800 books to the school.

With Jonathan’s help, more students continued their education and went to high school; some are even on the path to college. The students, empowered with knowledge about the world beyond their hometown, started to write down their dreams. After working with more than 300 students over three years, Jonathan compiled all of their shared dreams into a book entitled, Let Our Dreams Fly.
Jonathan continues his work with young people through his nonprofit appropriately called “Dreams Fly.”