Daily Point of Light # 3042 Oct 3, 2005

For more than four years Joseph Mulloy has generously volunteered his time and has become involved in many activities at UMC where he works to provide comfort to UMC patients, family and visitors. Joseph has a philosophy to which he dedicates himself. “My job is to put a smile on someone’s face every day.”

Joseph always dedicates his talents to the patients and staff of UMC with the same positive attitude and professionalism regardless of the circumstances. His willingness to perform his role cheerfully makes him a unique and praiseworthy individual who is admired and respected by UMC employees and patients alike.

Volunteers are an integral part of the labor force at UMC. Senior citizens are the most rapidly growing segment of our population and a major resource to be tapped into. UMC could not function with the active involvement of seniors like Joseph with his expertise, networks and knowledge. Through volunteering and social contacts, seniors also may stay more active and healthy physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, which can only benefit society as a whole. One of the highlights of Joseph Mulloy is that he always notices the little things. He sees a need that others may overlook and he is willing to do something about it.

Joseph is a valuable volunteer to UMC. He serves as an ambassador of courtesy at UMC by greeting patients and visitors and by helping them find their way around our very large hospital. He personally delivers reading material to patients in their rooms, making a special not to remember the favorite topics of each patient. When the book and magazine supply becomes low, he will conduct a book/magazine drive in his own neighborhood to donate to UMC.

Joseph’s contributions are very noticeable and he is respected by the staff and other volunteers and by the patients and visitors he encounters on a daily basis. He performs his duties with passion and commitment. He demonstrates a high level of responsibility by reporting to his volunteer job on time. The professional way in which he handles himself exemplifies the vision of the volunteer program and his service brings UMC’s vision alive and makes it personal.

Joseph is a valuable team player in terms of alleviating the time and energy burden on staff. The participation of volunteers like Joseph is critical to University Medical Center for accomplishing its community based mission, getting results and ensuring organizational reinforcement, services and vitality.