Julie Bachman

Daily Point of Light # 1413 Jul 5, 1999

Julie Bachman, a local attorney licensed in the states of Nevada, California and Massachusetts, began volunteering her services at the South Lake Tahoe Women's Center in July of 1997. Since that time, she has provided legal advising to more than 360 survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Bachman first contacted the South Lake Tahoe Women's Center to offer her services when she learned of the agency's desperate need to make legal consultation available to its clients. Bachman’s primary concern was women and children who are penalized by the system because they lack financial resources or knowledge of the judicial system. Bachman generously offered to donate four hours of her time each week to provide legal consultation and assistance with preparing legal documents for court for domestic violence survivors. Prior to her efforts, the Center had no such services available.

As a result of Bachman's generosity in donating her legal expertise, many clients have found the courage to leave abusive and dangerous relationships, secure with the knowledge that they could file for such things as an order of protection, a divorce or custody of their children.

In addition to providing assistance to domestic violence survivors, Bachman has pioneered a battle against the tolerance of sexual harassment in the workplace. She has advised and drafted letters of complaint, including client demands, for victims of sexual harassment. Her efforts have been rewarded with an increased interest in rape prevention education presentations for local businesses and consequently increased public safety.

Bachman has been an invaluable volunteer for the South Lake Tahoe Women's Center. Last November, she appeared on a national talk show to talk about her volunteer work at the Center and hopefully inspire others to follow in her footsteps. She continues to donate her time and expertise out of a strong dedication to end violence against women and a desire to help others living in the community.