Daily Point of Light # 1836 Feb 15, 2001

Kaj Skov was born and raised in Denmark. He came to the United States by way of our armed forces, working as a chef. He loved America and decided to stay. He earned his citizenship and started a small restaurant. He worked hard over the years and was rewarded for his efforts by building a larger restaurant and then a convention center in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Several years ago, he purchased a mansion in the Reading, Pennsylvania and operates the Stirling Guest Hotel.

During the years, Skov has given back to his new country by helping the community in many ways. He has held numerous fund-raisers at his home and businesses for almost every organization in the area including the Family Health Council of Lebanon County, The Arts Council, The Cancer Society and many more. Skov has also worked with numerous youth groups in the area. He gives of his time, efforts as well as his money to help these organizations.

Amongst the many organizations that he has helped throughout the years has been the Betty Finney House/ Wellspring, Inc. He helped start the organization when it was just Wellspring, Inc. of Lebanon County by helping to purchase a home for end-stage HIV/AIDS. He put many hours of cleaning, repairing, and painting. Finally the home was ready to care for those in their final stages of AIDS. Money was necessary in those days, so Skov held many fund-raisers, which he worked tirelessly on.

As the needs changed for those suffering from this terrible disease, so did the organization. They later joined forces with the Betty Finney House in Lancaster County, PA and it became the Betty Finney House/Wellspring, Inc. Today, the organization helps those affected and infected with the disease by an outreach program for housing in the Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. The services of the organization are much needed and the house would not be in existence today if it were not for Skov.

Kaj Skov displays his unconditional love for God and his country everyday. He does not take his life or his blessings’ for granted and works to help people who may not have what he does. Everyone is equal to him and means as much as the other. He does not look down upon those infected with HIV/AIDS as so many in society do, but he daily makes a conscious effort to make a change in their lives.