Kara Peart

Daily Point of Light # 3550 Sep 12, 2007

Kara Peart has been a member of the Layton Youth Court since 1998. Since she became a member of the court, she has served as a Senior Judge, bailiff, clerk, secretary and mentor. She has been Chief Secretary and was the Vice President of the court last year. Currently she serves an average of five hours per week. As a mentor, Kara exhibited genuine concern for the youth she has been assigned to guide. She always goes the extra mile with her protégés, who enjoy her friendly personality. Kara has also been an emcee for three Utah state youth court conferences.

Kara graduated from the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, which is part of the Leadership Plenty Program, a nine month course. She was recognized in the National Youth Court Center 2006 Hall of Honor for all of her hard work, and she won a Silver Bowl Award for her service in April 2007. She has earned five Presidential Student Service Awards, donating more than 100 hours of service to the youth court each year. To date, she has volunteered more than 1,530 hours.

Kara is also involved in the Davis Youth of Promise. She is the historian of the group and they are currently working on building a 9/11 memorial. She has also been involved in the YOP (Youth of Promise) conferences each year and was in charge of Davis County youth summit which was held January 20, 2007, which was attended by more than 850 young people.