Karla Jamir

Daily Point of Light # 6163 Dec 28, 2017

Karla Jamir is an active, vibrant member of the Huntley Meadows community. Karla began volunteering in 1995 where she emerged as a natural leader. As Herbarium Coordinator, she takes on the responsibility of maintaining the Herbarium – an entirely volunteer lead effort that identifies and catalogues plant species within Huntley’s 1556 acres. Karla’s dedication to the Herbarium ensures an historical record of plant life and activity that is available to the public, botanists, and any other professionals who may need it. Without Karla at the helm, the Herbarium would likely not be able to continue. She is a subject matter expert, and spends significant time keying out and identifying difficult to differentiate plants. Her work with the Resource Management Volunteers includes supporting staff goals and completing important and varied projects. She coordinates and trains other volunteers on important project work such as invasive species pulls and litter pick-ups. While Huntley’s 200,000 visitors per year may never see Karla, they are impacted by her efforts at every turn.

Jia Gayles