Karrie Delaney

Daily Point of Light # 6165 Jan 1, 2018

As chair of the Fairfax County Library Board of Trustees, Karrie Delaney was elected by her colleagues to lead the board in strategic planning, making key financial decisions and managing the board. When the Fairfax County library director retired at the beginning of 2016, the responsibility fell to Karrie to manage and oversee the recruitment, interview, and vetting process for a new director. Karrie again demonstrated her value to library patrons when she began initiated a program to make Fairfax libraries engines for economic growth in our community. She recognized that area libraries could be utilized as makerspaces where entrepreneurs and inventors can collaborate on new products and ideas.

In addition to her work with the library, Karrie was also responsible for advising Fairfax county in the best way to respond to emergencies as the Sully District Representative to the Citizen Corps Council, a community group aimed at promoting emergency preparedness at every level.

Jia Gayles