Katherine Cosby

Daily Point of Light # 3429 Mar 27, 2007

Katie Cosby’s project "Looking At The Future For Future Generations," focused on the environment and the reasons why we should protect it. To get the point across, she, with the help of her troop, planned an environmental health fair. The idea was to remind children to recycle and why it is important. She wanted children to think about such things as, "Could I recycle or reuse this instead of throwing it away," or perhaps, "Maybe I should think twice before I throw that plastic cup on the ground." The turnout for the fair was not what Katie expected, but that didn't stop her. If they would not come to her, she would go to them. Katie took her event to a group of 20 Girl Scouts and then presented her information to the entire third grade at F. E. Burleson Elementary in Hartselle. In addition to recycling she addressed pollution and hazardous substances. She believes that her talent working with children and the help she received from her advisor, her troop, and her family made this project successful.

As an American Red Cross volunteer Katie is an all-around volunteer. Katie is a board member who brings a youth insight into the Board of Directors; she does the youth orientation for the new youth volunteers; volunteers in the office 1 day a week; and she has attended 2 youth leadership training institutes. Katie also does Preparedness Presentations when needed and she continues to mail-out Red Cross information to all new comers in Decatur.

Katie has brought new ideas to the board about how to get youth involved in the chapter and she began a volunteer wall that displays volunteer's picture and a brief summary about them. She has worked with the Volunteer committee in helping honor Red Cross Volunteers. Katie assisted with poster for the upcoming, "shu the flu" campaign with the Alabama Department of Health and the Red Cross.

Katie has taught children about being prepared for disasters, worked with the summer youth and teaching youth orientation, worked with the public relation for our Alabama & Auburn Blood Drive. Katie has also been involved with bring the Girl Scouts to partner with the American Red Cross.

Katie has accomplished getting youth involved, being a role model and bringing a youth's point of view to the Morgan-Lawrence County Chapter and American Red Cross Chapter.