Kathleen Elliot

Daily Point of Light # 3624 Dec 25, 2007

Kathleen “Kit” has been involved in almost every aspect of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), either giving much-appreciated advice, or doing administrative duties, giving CPR trainings, providing hands-on care at first aid stations, serving in disaster response activities, assisting with immunization clinics, or volunteering for disaster exercises. If she only volunteered with the MRC, she would be constantly busy. But, she offers the same level of volunteer service to the American Red Cross has worked for years with the Disaster Medical Assistance Team, volunteers with the Community Emergency Response Team, and participates in the Local Emergency Planning Committee activities. When the city needed volunteers for a city-wide disaster exercise, Kit recruited and organized over 100 students to serve as disaster “victims.” She made the exercise into a learning experience for the students, and ensured that each student was recognized for their volunteerism. Kit has volunteered with Blue Star Mothers, and was instrumental in organizing a support network for families of soldiers deployed to Iraq.

Kit’s main job? She is as a full-time nurse at a local community health center.

There was a woman who had just lost everything in a house fire, had no money and knew no one in the community with whom she could stay. A local disaster relief agency was able to provide lodging for 3 nights, but after that the woman had to find a place to stay on her own. Kit made it her mission to find the resources available for a woman who was from out of town and her husband was a patient in a local hospital. Through much effort Kit was eventually able to find long-term lodging for people who have family members in the hospital. She did not do this as a Red Cross volunteer or an MRC volunteer. She did this as a citizen helping someone in need.

Kit has dedicated her life to serving others. Her selfless acts, unending energy, kindness, humility, and compassion are what inspire me and other volunteers. She does not serve out of a need to be recognized, but out of the goodness of her heart.