Kathleen Murphy

Daily Point of Light # 5924 Jan 27, 2017

Kathleen Murphy serves as president of the Great Falls Historical Society. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are evident. Kathleen keeps the long and interesting history of Great Falls alive for residents of all ages through monthly programs on local history and people, preservation efforts, publication of historical essays, collection of artifacts and photographs, oral history interviews, genealogical research, and tours and dinners at historic sites. However, Ms. Murphy is also very much interested in the Great Falls of the present and the future. In the Great Falls 2020 Vision Survey, led by Ms. Murphy, local residents expressed a desire for a local farmers market as part of building a vibrant semi-rural village center. As one of the few markets in Fairfax County that is not county-sponsored, this markets provides a place for local vendors to market their products year-round.  It attracts residents in and outside of Great Falls who want to purchase fresh produce, baked goodies, cheeses, and even chocolates in a friendly and fun environment; outside in the summer months and inside the historic Grange building during the winter.

“When I think of volunteers who go about their work quietly in Great Falls, I think of Ms. Murphy. She is that exceptional volunteer who cares deeply about the past, present and future of Dranesville,” said John Foust, supervisor for Dranesville District.

Jia Gayles