Kathy Cole

Daily Point of Light # 5060 Oct 7, 2013

Kathy Cole, a retired teacher, serves low-income and uninsured families in the Carson City, Nevada. Through Cole’s direct outreach and advocacy efforts, she encourages seniors, parents and children to visit the Sierra Nevada Health Center to learn more about healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices as well as how to prevent and decrease childhood obesity.

For the past three year, Cole has been actively involved with high-risk families in Carson City. Cole’s dedication to helping others access health care is her top priority. She posts flyers in low-income neighborhoods, often speaks one-on-one with families, and overall advocates the importance of being established with a primary care doctor. For example, during the Happy Healthy Halloween event, Cole engaged 1,250 seniors and 40 children from the local community to take personal initiative to access their health care needs.

Cole is an outstanding volunteer who is unique, enthusiastic and ready for service. From large to small tasks, Cole whole heartily believes one person can change the lives of others. Her energy is admirable when it comes to reaching out to someone who is in need of medical services, and her kindness and willingness to help, has made a difference in so many lives.

Dev Staff