Kathy O’Brien-Burke

Daily Point of Light # 3762 Jul 4, 2008

The Museum of Natural History & Science at Cincinnati Museum Center has a special area for visitors ages 5 and under. This special place is called Preschool Sandplay. Kathy O’Brien-Burke is a dedicated volunteer with the museum.

Kathy is a retired school teacher who spends every Wednesday knee-deep in sand. Kathy greets each young visitor that enters with a smile and will join them in the super-sized sandbox. For those families who visit frequently, Kathy greets each of the children by name. Some families say that they return week after week just to see Ms. Kathy.

On the Wednesdays when they have programs in Sandplay, Kathy can be seen singing, dancing or back in the sand for Kids Dig where little ones learn about excavation and the rewarding artifacts that they can find in the sand. She is a pleasure to work with and she makes those around her smile.