Daily Point of Light # 2778 Sep 28, 2004

Katie Murphy and Maggie Hatfield were Community Service Board members for the Pembroke Hill Upper School (2003-2004). In this positiion, they were instrumental in organizing three major school community projects: Christmas in October, the Harvesters Food Drive, and the Serviceman’s Holiday card and letter writing campaign.

Katie and Maggie worked tirelessly on recruiting volunteers for the Christmas in October project, which involved cleanup and repair projects for needy individuals and neighborhood associations in the greater Kansas City area. They also helped organize the upper school food drive competition for Harvesters, which collects food for the homeless and needy in the Kansas City area.

Katie and Maggie both made the key contacts with upper, middle, and lower school art classes in order to put together a successful holiday greeting project for servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally, and most impressively, these young women have become involved with a peer mentoring program in Kansas City, Kansas, for teens who are going through pregnancy and for teenage mothers. Not only have they been individually involved in the program, but have recruited other students into this program. They have spent many hours on the Athena Project, both organizationally, and in personal counseling.