Daily Point of Light # 2134 Apr 9, 2002

Keith Walls exemplifies the victory of the human spirit and has dedicated his own life to the benefit of others. Walls is best described as a “Christian Patriot,” as evidenced by his lifelong commitment to children and veterans. Because of a lonely and challenging upbringing in foster care, Walls filled the void of having no family life by serving others even less fortunate than himself- children, in particular. He has been able to rise far above a childhood of abandonment and abuse as well as ongoing battle with posttraumatic stress disorder to distinguish himself as a stellar citizen with an enormous heart.

Throughout his youth, Walls was active with charitable organizations and volunteered extensively with West Virginia MDA. But it was through joining the US Marine Corps that Walls finally found his home and a “family,” as well as a way to fulfill his unwavering need to serve God, Country and his fellow man. After a distinguished military career, Walls became increasingly concerned with assisting and serving veterans and became involved with the Marine Corps League.

As Commandant of the DHL Detachment #981 from 1999-2001, Walls has been able to combine his commitment to children and to veterans, utilizing the position to encourage others to do the same. He has coordinated and led funding drives for Genesis Youth Center for troubled children, holiday toy collections, educational projects and others, and has developed and implemented scholarship and recognition programs for youth, directly impacting the lives of countless young West Virginians.

Walls was instrumental in the establishment of an in-patient post-traumatic stress disorder treatment program at the VA Medical Center in Clarksburg and works diligently to raise funds for other efforts that benefit area veterans. Through his leadership, the League assisted with the purchase and display of American flags in downtown Clarksburg, and the group frequently Participates in Patriotic activities and flag education programs in local schools. Above the monetary support, Walls recruits volunteers to provide manpower services.

On a more personal level, he has also worked with Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and the American Red Cross and remains active with his Church and their humanitarian efforts. He is also well known among his friends and family for his enthusiasm and willingness to help anyone with anything at any time, expecting nothing in return. He is a dedicated husband and father of two.

He routinely spends at least 30 hours a week on various volunteer activities, raising and disbursing thousands of dollars each year. Walls is a master at building community support for various charities by maintaining high visibility and personal networking. He is a familiar face around the Clarksburg area incessantly “pitching in,” and recognizing others for their community service work. He has been named a Distinguished West Virginian and was a finalist in the “Citizen of the Year” program of the Clarksburg Exponent- Telegram, in addition to numerous other acknowledgments from charitable organizations.