Kennedy Hubbard

Daily Point of Light # 5258 Jul 10, 2014

Kennedy Hubbard was diagnosed with a rare disease, Lymphatic Malformation, at a young age. This potentially fatal condition causes fluid-filled cysts to swell her face and threaten her airway every day. Kennedy was born with lymphatic malformation, but this did not slow her down or impede her growth. In fact, it helped fuel her determination to reach out to others affected by lymphatic malformation and spread the message of inner beauty. Through her organization, Kennedy’s Cause, and with the help of family and friends, Kennedy has been able to touch the lives of so many individual living with the same disorder. Kennedy’s tireless efforts are matched with meaningful success as she paves the way for others dealing with lymphatic malformation.
At the core of Kennedy’s Cause is a clear and powerful message, “Let your inner beauty SHINE.” Everyone involved in the organization is committed to spreading this message and as well as raising awareness of lymphatic malformation. Kennedy and her team hold fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for research that will hopefully lead to better treatment options. Kennedy also designs bracelets, necklaces and other merchandise engraved with their motto “Shine” to raise awareness of lymphatic malformation. A beacon of strength, Kennedy also reaches out to individuals and families affected by this disease and offers her seasoned advice and support. Her efforts seem to be working as two-time Emmy winning violinist Damien Escobar jumped at the opportunity to play with Kennedy at her fundraising event to help raise awareness and funds. Kennedy’s Cause has raised thousands of dollars for researching treatment and a cure. But almost more important that than, Kennedy Hubbard and the team behind Kennedy’s Cause is reminding everyone to “let their inner beauty SHINE” because that is what truly matters. Kennedy inspires us all as everyone faces challenges in their life. Please support Kennedy’s cause as they spread the profound message of inner beauty and strive to end lymphatic malformation.

Dev Staff