Kentland Community Center

Daily Point of Light # 3417 Mar 9, 2007

Kentland Community Center has a dedicated group of senior citizens who put their wealth of wisdom and ingenuity to work serving Prince George’s County residents both young and old. These “Fantastic 14” volunteers mobilize resources and work with the Capital Area Food Bank and the SHABACH Food & Clothing Closet to staff the Feeding the Community Program.

Over the past three years, the Feeding the Community Program has provided much needed services for the residents of the Landover community and others throughout Prince George’s County. In coordination with the Capital Area Food Bank and the SHABACH Food & Clothing Closet, this program attempts to meet the needs of many Prince George’s County residents. Since 2004, the volunteers at the Community Center hand-out food and clothing to numerous seniors, homeless individuals and needy families. They have also assisted college bound individuals with food and clothing that they could not have otherwise afforded. In addition, the Community Center volunteers give assistance to people in the Work Force Program by supplying them with clothing for their new jobs.

The group has also come to the rescue of community members who have been the victims of tragedies. Several families lost their homes to fire, and the Community Center volunteers provided those families with food and clothing for each family member in each of the families. Many seniors who recently relocated to the new senior development in Palmer Park have donated various items to the program that they no longer need or simply do not have the space for in their new home. The Volunteers go to the Victory House Senior Living facility and pick up the items from the seniors and distribute them to others in need on Thursday during the food distribution program.

This group of Community Volunteers has been together for over three years. Betsy Bowen, Sam Buckman, Leroy Cheeks, James Erby, Robert Ford, Carroll Greene, Inez Hale, Charlton Henry, Coy Lathan, Samuel Patton, Phyllis Phumprhey, Margie Pickett, Julia Price, Bonita Reyes, Charles Stephens, June Strong and Daryl Ward make up the Community Volunteers.