Daily Point of Light # 2826 Dec 3, 2004

Kim Pollard is a vital part of Salem Middle School’s Library Media Center program as shown by her spending a minimum of every Thursday in the Library Media Center. She can “do it all” as she tackles each task working nonstop from 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM. She can mend, cover, shelve, and pull books; check in and check out materials to staff and students; inventory materials; and volunteers every day during the Salem Middle School Book Fair and PTA Book Fair.

A project that Ms. Pollard eagerly took on this year is a review of the Library Media Center’s Accelerated Reader materials. This involves checking AR books, verifying that AR Tests are available for the books, remarking the books with neon stickers so students can more easily recognize AR books, and listing new books or materials that the Library Media Center needs to order. This activity involves numerous hours of time with which she eagerly undertakes. The students of Salem Middle School benefit greatly from Ms. Pollard’s enthusiasm, energy and “can-do” attitude.

Ms. Pollard completes all of these activities in addition to her “regular” Library Media Center job of logging in magazines and keeping a current copy on display for student and staff use. She also performs any task that the Library Media Center needs to have done – a vital and essential volunteer for the program.

Ms. Pollard is the Volunteer Coordinator during testing, which is no small task. She spends endless hours contacting parents to monitor the hallways during testing. She has materials, such as chairs and signs, ready for the volunteers and welcomes them as they enter the building. Her planning and actions for the testing days enable the program to run smoothly.

Another indication of Ms. Pollard’s commitment to Salem Middle School is serving as Corresponding Secretary for Salem Middle School’s PTA. She takes on a variety of roles to ensure the success of Salem’s students, faculty and staff and is a great asset to the entire school program.