Kiwanis Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties

Daily Point of Light # 3901 Jan 15, 2009

The Kiwanis Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties held the First Annual Kids Safety Fair, which was located at six different locations across the county on October 27, 2007. Kiwanian volunteers have been a devoted group for seven years and spend each month contributing a considerable amount of time, money and other resources to the Family Life Center staff and agency.

The First Annual Kids Safety Fair had a vast positive impact in Volusia and Flagler communities and for the Family Life Center. Thanks to the dedication of more than five hundred twenty Kiwanians and community volunteers who worked in excess of one thousand one hundred twenty five hours, over two thousand families and five thousand children in two counties have been educated on safety information.

Through the education that this project provides to local families, thousands of children can lead happier and healthier lives. Parents also have the knowledge of more resourceful tools on safety education for their families, which will lead to the prevention of injuries, deaths, and harmful relationships.

The Kiwanis Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties initiated this project. It took hundreds of volunteer hours to organize and produce this successful event! Their hard work and dedication has created a great effect on those who had the opportunity to be a part of this activity. The mission of the Kiwanis is to "Serve the Children of the World" one family, one child, and one community at a time. The Kiwanis Clubs of Volusia and Flagler Counties continues to achieve the Kiwanis mission in all they do and in particular in the Annual Kids Safety Fair.