Kristen Weber

Daily Point of Light # 5360 Dec 1, 2014

Kristen was a high school graduate on her way to law school when she became pregnant. She found herself dealing with the opposing forces of raising a child and finding a way to attend college. Along this journey she wanted to help other young mothers in similar situations. Kristen started the L.I.F.E. Foundation in Fenton, MO, and serves as a community advocate for providing resources to allow these young mothers to continue their education.

Kristen helps young mothers who are homeless or living in foster care. The programs she has developed through the L.I.F.E. Foundation include:
• providing bus passes to young women so they can attend college courses
• assisting with the college application and financial aid paperwork
• mentoring, tutoring, providing school supplies, computers, and GED prep work
• graduation celebrations, back to school fairs and resume building

Fostering partnerships with Missouri state agencies, her organization’s work has helped open new avenues of opportunity for young mothers. Kristen’s experience demonstrates to other young moms that they can pursue an education and succeed. That makes this young changemaker a Daily Point of Light.