Kristin Dillman

Daily Point of Light # 3266 Aug 11, 2006

Kristin Dillman has been a constant source of help and assistance to many students in the Sergeant Bluff school system. Last year, she began by volunteering amidst her work schedule. This year she had planned on returning part-time to her instrumental music position, but the district released her from her contract. What a blessing for the children in the district because she still came back to serve as a volunteer!

Dillman meets with countless students several days a week, apologizing when she has some sort of problem arise and she can’t come. She is a shining light of extra hope for many of our students. They clamor to work with her and she in turn has high expectations for their progress. She states, “Why can’t more parents take the time to read with their children or practice math facts. It just doesn’t make sense to me.” Her persistence and dedication are the very essence of why some of the students are so excited and so look forward to their time with Dillmnan.

Mrs. Zahner said it well, “My student just beams when she is able to work with Dillman. She is so positive and encouraging. Kris Dillman provides stability and positive reinforcement for Cheyenne. Cheyenne looks forward to their visits and benefits from her relationship with Dillman in so many ways. She has helped my student want to pursue her education.” Terry Pomerenke adds: “Dillman’s volunteerism during my math class has made education for a few of my students rewarding. She takes the time to explain things and redirects if he/she is going the wrong direction. She provides that opportunity for 15-30 minutes of one-on-one time with a child. With the individual attention, those students that are struggling now become competent in the math process that we are working on. Dillman has helped students believe in themselves.”

Another teacher, Julie Hovland advised that, “Kris Dillman has been an excellent addition to my classroom. She has great rapport with the students. She is willing to help in any way she can. She puts her heart into helping each student succeed. She tries different ways to reach students. Kris has even come to me with ideas she’d like to try to help a particular student. She is patient and thoughtful with a good sense of humor. She doesn’t need much direction in order to work with a student. I feel very confident when sending a student to work with her that she will do as much as she can to help him/her develop good skills. My students all beg to work with her. They know that she is there to help.”