Kristin Jacobchick

Daily Point of Light # 4855 Sep 17, 2012

Kristin Jacobchick has made and donated more than 200 fleece tie blankets that the the children staying in the Medcenter One Children’s Hospital are able to choose for themselves. Nurses have said that by giving these young patients the opportunity to choose a blanket, they are able to create a great trust relationship with them. Children don’t get to make many decisions when they’re in the hospital. Choosing a blanket gives them a little sense of control over their situation. And, most importantly, it gives the children much-needed comfort during what can be a scary time.

Kristin is passionate about helping others, and has demonstratedt this with her tremendous gifts of time and resources toward her blanket project. Other people have also caught her excitement about helping hospitalized children and have given her money to purchase more fleece and continue her work.