Kyle William

Daily Point of Light # 5146 Feb 4, 2014

Following his belief that creativity has the power to heal, Kyle William is using the fiber arts to help raise awareness of important issues. Using knitting and crochet patterns as a mechanism to share knowledge and resources about breast cancer, he created a project that puts this information into the hands of some of those who are likely to need it most.

William’s most recent project, Good Deeds, is a collection of hat patterns created to benefit Breast Cancer Connections; a California based nonprofit. He coordinated the models, photography, pattern donations, and even did the layout for the project. Included in the eBook is information about breast cancer risk, as well as resources for further information. William donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the eBook to the nonprofit. Those who purchase the collection are also encouraged to make hats for those in need, either by donating directly to Breast Cancer Connections, or by making hats for others. Continuing the spirit of “paying it forward” is a central theme in Kyle’s work.

William’s website, social media presence, and business model include the desire to empower others with knowledge about issues such as breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and animal rights. Using a non-stop positive attitude, he takes every opportunity to share with others the joy of helping his community – either as a HIV test counselor in San Francisco, or by arranging a community knit-a-long to make a blanket for a fellow fiber artist facing terminal cancer.

William believes creativity has the power to heal, and that when we share our story with others, the world becomes a better place.

Dev Staff