Daily Point of Light # 1721 Sep 7, 2000

The Laborer’s Local #1407 has been an active part of the Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin community. They have provided assistance for the young as well as the old when needed. They mobilize the community and make a difference.

The Laborer’s Local #1407 is a LIUNA Organization that has been housed in Wisconsin Rapids since May of 1993. The Laborer’s Hall is known as the “Home of Labor” for many donated Union affiliated functions. The Senior Citizens meet monthly at the hall, they have various Boys & Girls Club drawings, a truck drawing and a Neukirchen Benefit – named for a woman who was injured in an automobile accident and became disabled. The Laborer’s Hall also places a tree on the premises the first week of November. This tree is special and has ornaments with names of children of families who are displaced union workers. Volunteers take the ornaments and purchase a gift or gifts for the children or families.

Share and Care is also recognized by the community as a way to show the less fortunate that the community does care. The Hall is used for the packaging of the food that goes out to those who are in need. In addition to that, the Laborers donate the Hall for drug testing and asbestos screening. It is also donated so that training sessions can be held on topics such as asbestos, forklift, scaffolding and confined space.

The Laborer’s Local #1407 has donated $10,000 to the South Wood County Sports Complex. They donated labor for the demolition of the Boys and Girls Club and for remodeling. The children of the community then had a safe place to go and meet friends, learn leadership skills and expand their knowledge. They are a union affiliate of the Central Labor Council of Wisconsin Rapids and Vicinity and were one of the unions that backed the referendum for the remodeling of the schools located in the Wisconsin Rapids School District.

In addition to these acts of service, the Laborer’s Local #1407 has also made contributions to the following charities: Union Night at the races, Nekoosa Library, Boy Scouts of America, Junior Statesman Foundation, Dad’s Day, March of Dimes, Share and Care, Bowling League, Lenna O. Shasky Benefit, Wisconsin Special Olympics, Wisconsin Rapids Rangers Baseball, Opportunity Development Center, Bike-a-thon, Solidarity Day, Wisconsin Rapids Firefighters, Labor Quake Victim Fund, Heart of the Wisconsin Shrine Club, United Way of Wood County, Leukemia Society of America, City of Hope and Wisconsin Labor Historical Society.