Daily Point of Light # 2460 Jul 10, 2003

Lawrence “Larry” Moye IV has been a program volunteer for Lucy Hart Hill Family Literacy Program in Greene County for more than five years. Larry has given unselfishly of himself to many worthwhile community endeavors but seems to focus on projects that help the underprivileged or those that deal with social problems.

The Lucy Hart Hill Family Literacy Center operates a multicultural educational program for parents and their young children. The student population is compiled of Hispanic students, African-American students and Caucasian students, so it is very important to blend all three cultures together so all will be a part of the team and focus on reaching their goals rather than dwelling on their differences. Larry speaks Spanish and has been very involved with Family Literacy in teaching the parents and working with the preschoolers.

Larry has never received a salary or stipend for any portion of his volunteer work at Family Literacy. He does, however, have creative ideas and creates a fun-filled environment for those with whom he interacts. He has literally moved furniture for single parents, done landscaping work at the Family Literacy campus, planned puppet shows on drug and alcohol prevention for children, written grants for the program to purchase literacy bags and parenting resources, and help teach Spanish parents to speak and read in English. He has provided Christmas wish list services to families in need for the past five years and volunteered as teacher assistant in the summer program for the preschool class. His love and enthusiasm for people is what truly makes his service outstanding. It is evident that he cares deeply about his fellow man.

In addition to his own volunteer time, Larry has recruited more than a dozen of his fellow high school classmates to come to the Family Literacy center and get involved. This provides human resources for the center and also spreads the understanding of literacy programs in the community. Many of these students have volunteered more after being introduced to Family Literacy through Larry. He has also given several presentations about Family Literacy to civic and church groups in the community.

Larry has received awards from numerous programs such as: North Carolina Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service, The President’s Student Service Award, Governor’s School Participant, and Outstanding Young Volunteer of the Year from the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He has been on mission trips to southwest Georgia with Habitat for Humanity and also spent a school break in Guatemala working in hospitals and in a school for children who live in the Guatemala City dump.

In his young life Larry has exhibited the sentiment from Winston Churchill about life – that one makes a living by what he gets and one makes a life by what he gives. Larry Moye has already given a lot to his community and no doubt his dedication to volunteer service will follow him throughout life. Larry’s stewardship, mentoring and proactive response to challenges at Family Literacy demonstrate his sincere desire to make educational opportunities the best for others that they can be.

The Director of Family Literacy has witnessed firsthand what Larry has done to make life better for others. Larry plans to complete high school his senior year with more than 500 hours of service to various organizations and then “start again” in college.