Lee Hay

Daily Point of Light # 4562 Aug 2, 2011

Lee Hay is a volunteer for the Hockanum Valley Community Council, Inc, a private non-profit human services agency for the community in Vernon, Connecticut. HVCC provides services to individuals and/or families in a manner which promotes independence while assuring that basic needs are met regardless of ability to pay. HVCC provides transportation, mental health, and substance abuse services, helping with basic community needs, like food pantries and thrift stores.

Without volunteers, HVCC would not be able to exist. They depend on the generosity of others in order to provide client services. Since Lee has so unselfishly donated his time and talents, they do not have to hire an additional staff member and can put those funds to use in other programs.

Lee is a retired teacher and administrator, and a former recipient of the National Teacher of the Year Award. He volunteers in the tri-town food pantry where he is in charge of ordering all food from Foodshare, and assisting clients shopping in the open pantry. In addition he organizes other volunteers to help with food drives and ensure that all items on the shelves are up to date. He often comes in with his wife on weekends to clean out storage and check dates on the food supplies.

Lee’s nominator says, “Our community has felt the impact dearly of the recession and unemployment. Many who have been past donors to our agency are now clients of the pantry. Lee sees to it that the community knows what we have to offer and treats everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. He keeps the pantry well stocked, and even has used limited funds and donations to provide snack bags for children for before and after school.”

HVCC is truly lucky to have such a wonderful individual caring for their clients’ needs.