Leesburg Police Citizens Support Team, Inc.

Daily Point of Light # 1271 Dec 17, 1998

The Leesburg Police Citizens Support Team, Inc. (LPCSTI) is organized to aid, support, and assist the Police Department of the Town of Leesburg, VA in the prevention of crime and the promotion of public safety. LPCSTI was established by Police Chief Keith Stiles as an integral part of his effort to institute community policing in Leesburg. Community policing involves bringing the police officers and the law-abiding citizens of Leesburg together to find permanent solutions to public safety and crime prevention problems. LPCSTI is an organization of citizens working closely with the Leesburg Police Department to further community policing goals.

Formed in April 1996, the Team's membership of civic-minded men and women has grown to 30 and the Team contributed more than 7,500 hours of volunteer service to the Leesburg Police Department and the Town of Leesburg through of December 1997. LPCSTI supports the police department through a number of activities, including child fingerprinting (for easy identification and safety), traffic speed and flow monitoring, neighborhood patrols, manning drug education and public safety displays, community policing meetings, and traffic direction and crowd control at accidents, emergency scenes and special events.

Prospective LPCSTI members must be Virginia residents, at least 21 years of age, hold a valid Virginia operator's license and have a clean driving record. They also must be able to pass a police background check and be willing to volunteer a minimum of four hours a month. All volunteers undergo necessary training, such as CPR.

The Leesburg Police Citizens Support Team, Inc. is funded by the Leesburg Police Department, fundraisers, and donations.