Daily Point of Light # 2655 Apr 8, 2004

Leslie Tanner is a teen volunteer that is in the background, getting things done, and keeping things going. When you come to a program, you do not notice her at first. But she is there. And she continues until everything is finished.

Leslie has been one of the faithful volunteers at the Farm Safety Program. Developed over several years, this program is designed for kids who visit, live on and/or work on the farm. Safety is discussed in many different forms. Safety on an ATV (four-wheeler), safety with small and large equipment, safety with large animals, and safety around ponds and water are a few of the topics.

Leslie started as a program participant. She learned about safety and applied those principles. In a couple of years she became a group leader for different age groups. She helped the adult presenters with the questions that the children asked. She also helped the children realize the importance of what they were learning.

Leslie also has served as a seminar assistant, working with her mother and brother on a visual demonstration of what happens when a person is entrapped within a hay bailer. The explanation and the demonstration gave emphasis to the need for farm safety. Leslie gave the demonstration a true to life explanation.

As a 4-H teen leader, Leslie Tanner continues to complete her project work as an example to younger members. She has entered foods, handicrafts, wood science and many other projects. Leslie does more than just meet the minimum standards. Leslie strives to set the highest levels for herself and for those she works with.

Leslie has helped with the County 4-H Programs and with the Cattlewomen’s Beef Cook-Off. Her service as a young person in her church and community brings information to many people. She is ready to begin and then to continue until the project is completed.

Leslie Tanner was a homeschooler for most of her education. She chose to return to Danville High School for her senior year. She had interacted in many of the programs with the young people with whom she now goes to school. She has continued to keep up her grades, pass the graduation exams, participate in school and church activities, and to hold a part time job.

Leslie has learned to make wise decisions. She was chosen to participate in a 4-H teen leadership retreat. A week before the event, she was hired for a new job with training starting on the same weekend as the retreat. Though it was hard to make the decision, Leslie chose wisely and began her new job. She missed the retreat and fun with her friends, but she learned that adult decisions are made with priorities in mind.

Leslie Tanner has been involved with the Farm Safety program for at least five years. Each year this event finds 100+ youth learning about safety. Leslie has moved from a participant, to a group leader, to a seminar presenter. She has impacted the lives of many children with her words and actions.