Lester Keliher

Daily Point of Light # 3780 Jul 30, 2008

Lester, a member of CONTACT’s Board of Directors and liaison to the Teen CONTACT program, has been named Volunteer of the Month for October for his active role in the Teen program, particularly in the planning and development of the First Annual Teen Conference. He has been a member of the Board since the end of 2005 and is completing his second term. He enjoys being a part of CONTACT’s Board of Directors because he likes the atmosphere and the potential for growth in the agency. He describes his experience over the last two years as fun and dynamic.

“The Board is dynamic and in the last two years I’ve watched this agency go from 0-60,” he said. “I was quite familiar with CONTACT for a number of years but one of my colleagues, Terry Dallas, approached me about becoming a board member to take his place on the board and I agreed. I feel it’s everyone’s duty to give back and this was a great way for me to fulfill that duty.” Since becoming a board member, Lester has had the opportunity to play an active role with the Teen program.

“The Teen program is fairly new so that attracted me to it.” Lester said, “I am a member of Highland Park United Methodist Church and although I didn’t know Missy Wall, her reputation at the church followed her and I knew she would be great to work with. I am also the father of three children so being involved with the Teen program gives me a way to stay involved with teen issues as well.”