Linda Wuestenberg

Daily Point of Light # 4914 Dec 10, 2012

After the death of Linda Wuestenberg’s son, Stevie in February of 2007 in a motor vehicle accident, Linda and her family worked to establish a nonprofit, Parent Grief. The Goal of their non-profit was to create legislation that established a Next of Kin database in Ohio.

The Next of Kin database is entirely voluntary where citizens can provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with emergency contact information of family members to be notified in the event of an emergency.

Because of Linda’s tireless efforts Law enforcement personal now have more resources to allow them to quickly contact a victim’s family in the event of an emergency. Most importantly fewer families have to go through what she had to experience when she had not been notified that her son was in ICU at a local hospital for over 7 hours because police and hospital personal were not able to locate Stevie’s next of kin. Unfortunately, those were some of Stevie’s last hours.

Dev Staff