Daily Point of Light # 1831 Feb 8, 2001

Lisa Trifiletti’s enthusiastic personality, high spirits, and caring heart set her a part from many volunteers. She is a goal oriented young lady attending Lorain Community College in Ohio, where she is majoring in Elementary Education. Lisa is active in her church, values the importance of service, and has a desire to serve to improve her community and the education and welfare of children.

Lisa coordinates activities and educates young people at the Church of the North Coast Youth Group. The youth participate in many service-learning activities because Lisa believes this is a great way to be a positive role model to others and get teenagers involved in their community. Lisa is also involved in Wheel In Motion, Trip to Hell, and Joshua Kids. Wheel in Motion is a program that provides the community with a beautiful environment. Volunteers organize trips to parks in the community and spend quality time keeping them clean so the parks are a safe, fun environment for children.

Trip to Hell is a program designed to educate the community about school shootings, drugs, gangs, and other ills that plague society today. It presents a real life picture to the young and old alike. Most young people may see violence portrayed on television or media, but this series opens the eyes of many and lets youth know there is nothing positive about shootings, drugs and gangs. Joshua Kids is a course where volunteers spend Saturday with inner city children. Lisa brings activities and lends a listening ear to the children. She gives the needed one-on-one attention and also aided in the summer camp.

Lisa’s desire to help children took her to Haiti. There she worked with school-aged children and shared her American culture and learned about their traditions also. It was a unique educational experience for the children, as well as for Lisa.

Lisa has also been a part of Craftsmen, Clothe A Child, and AmeriCorp Act. Craftsmen is a program in which volunteers go into homes and renovate them. As a part of the Clothe A Child initiative, Lisa took low-income family children out shopping. This made sure they had proper clothing for the winter season. Lisa is also an AmeriCoprs. So far, she has volunteered at a community childcare center 12 hours per week or more. She is a role model to children and also provides them with age appropriate activities. Through AmeriCorp, Lisa is always recruiting people to volunteer and become active in service learning.

Lisa has also worked with Make A Difference Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Parent Involvement Fair. Lisa worked with other AmeriCorp and a non-profit organization, to have a Children’s Festival for Make A Difference Day. All money raised from the festival went towards a new playground for Sheffield Lake. Lisa received a $1,000 grant from Wal-Mart and many contributions from the community. To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Lisa also collaborated with an AmeriCorp team member and went to local daycare centers to education the children about the life of Dr. King and his legacy. She taught them the importance of equality and getting along as a community regardless of our differences. Lisa volunteered her time to educate parents about the importance of involvement in their children’s education at a Parent Involvement Fair.