Logan Medlin

Daily Point of Light # 3339 Nov 21, 2006

Logan Medlin, an eighth-grader at Tatum Junior High School, is an active volunteer and fundraiser for a program that provides free meals to senior citizens in his small town.

“I became involved in this activity because seniors play a big part in our community,” said Logan, noting that older citizens often volunteer at his school or serve as substitute teachers. “I think this is extremely important because many seniors do not eat properly.”

Logan’s participation began a year ago when, at the encouragement of a mentor, he helped make and sell Christmas candles to benefit the seniors’ meal program. He then donated ingredients and helped prepare pre-cooked meals to sell to busy families as another way to raise money for the program.

Finally, Logan helped convert a cow pasture into a golf course for a benefit golf tournament. In all, Logan and other students working for the program have raised more than $2,000, which has gone to provide free meals to as many as 12 senior citizens daily.

In addition to providing free meals, Logan’s volunteer group is now offering to help the senior citizens in other ways, such as doing yard work. “People in small communities have to take care of each other,” Logan said.