Lois Bachmeier

Daily Point of Light # 3251 Jul 21, 2006

Lois Bachmeier is a Summit Senior Companion and has been serving in this capacity for a little over 3 years. She is very loyal and committed in her role as a Senior Companion; and when one of Bachmeier’s matches has moved on, she immediately asks if there is anyone new in mind for her.

Bachmeier loves being with people, and people enjoy her genuine conversations and much needed assistance. Bachmeier has provided Senior Companion services to 13 elders with disabilities in Missoula. She is extremely responsible, flexible to the person’s needs, and puts everyone at ease with her approach. When her matches talk with other staff members, they describe Bachmeier as someone they can count on.

Bachmeier helps a number of people with reading because they have lost their sight. She reads labels in the grocery store and assists them with their mail. Bachmeier was matched with an older couple that both have mobility concerns. She had known them when she was young, and she had babysat for their children. Today she assists this elderly couple with their emotional and mental transition as the moved to a small apartment. In addition to light tasks around the home, they all play cards and converse about the “good old days!” Bachmeier has mobility issues, which she does not let “get her down.”

She is a great role model to people who would tend to see the “glass half empty”, because she always fills her glass each morning. Bachmeier’s energy for life cannot help but spill into others attitude throughout the day. Bachmeier’s attitude and approach is reflected further in the transportation support she gives to the people with visual impairments who attend the monthly Visual Support and Education Group. Bachmeier adds this trip to her monthly transportation trips as yet another way to assist people to get out into the Missoula community.

Summit Senior Companions are proud of all of their volunteers and love the vitality and zest Lois Bachmeier brings to their organization. She puts herself and her needs on the back burner so she can make the needs of her elder companions a priority. Bachmeier goes above and beyond the call to service for Senior Companions by also bringing genuine concern and sincere joy each day she spends time with her matches