Lorelei McIntyre-Brewer

Daily Point of Light # 4906 Nov 28, 2012

In 2005 Lorelei was born missing half her heart, since birth she has undergone 16 medical procedures, including three open heart surgeries. During her recovery she was given a compression heart pillow, which, when hugged across the chest, the pillow was used as an effective non-medicinal form of pain relief and helps to get rid of the fluid buildup.

When Lorelei turned 5 she had the idea to start making compression heart pillows for other pediatric heart and lung patients. Lorelei unfortunately had to use an adult size pillow that her grandfather used during his own recovery after a quadruple bypass surgery. Heart Hugs were made much smaller.

Today Heart Hug Pillows are being mailed around the world, her non-profit has inspired many groups of women to help keep up with the unfortunate demand for these pediatric compression pillows.

Lorelei’s story is absolutely inspiring and encourages us all to get involved.

Dev Staff