Lori Brown

Daily Point of Light # 3576 Oct 18, 2007

Volunteerism has been a strong aspect in Ms. Brown’s life but her servant leadership skills blossomed after returning to her hometown to complete her college career. While attending her local community college, Ms. Brown was inducted in to the prestigious Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and served as the VP of Leadership and Co-President of the Alpha Theta Rho Chapter. Serving in these positions gave her an avenue to help her community in various activities that helped build lasting relationships not only between her and her chapter but her college and community as well. While selecting activities to serve, Ms. Brown focused her sights on health and education, as these were areas in which she felt she could leave the most lasting impact.

Ms. Brown volunteered for the Financial Liaison/ Event Coordinator position for All-American Recycling in their Partnership in Education agreement with J.D. Davis Elementary School. The purpose of the activities by PIE is to assist the adopted school in encouraging, developing and enhancing programs offered to the student body. All projects are intended to expand the thinking and development of the student body for a better educational life. Ms. Brown has assisted in various activities with the partnering school with her favorites being: favorite book character day, advanced reader store, and reading hour.

While working with the students at J.D. Davis Elementary Ms. Brown realized that there was an extreme need to mentor youth, especially at-risk youth. The Tidwell Cancer Foundation was the opportunity that she needed to reach these youth in a fun and interactive level. She volunteered for the Tidwell’s Terrific Kids Program, which is designed to teach elementary school students the impact of making healthy tobacco-free lifestyle choices through innovative games, costumed skits, and lessons on quality character traits. This program empowers high school students to create their own unique skits then they present them to the elementary school students. Ms. Brown was overwhelmed with the student’s enthusiasm for learning that when she was offered a position at Tidwell Cancer Foundation she graciously accepted. During Ms. Brown’s first year test scores showed that over 30.7% of the elementary school students increased their knowledge of tobacco products, second-hand smoke, and ways to say no to peer pressure. During the programs first year the program was able to expand from one high school and one elementary school into eight participating high schools and 39 elementary schools.

While volunteering with the above organizations and others during her lifetime, Ms. Brown has not received any stipends or salaries as she feels that serving others is payment in itself.