Daily Point of Light # 2259 Oct 1, 2002

Loy Dennis is a World War II Veteran who continues to give of his time and talents to benefit his country. He volunteers for the VFW Post #5686 in Billings, Missouri, the Missouri Veterans Home in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, his church Bible study groups where he is a teacher on Fridays, Marionville Methodist Manor and specifically for his neighbor Mrs. Hicks.

The Billings VFW Post utilizes Dennis’s volunteer service. He is committed to helping others enjoy life, so he visits with Veterans, shut-ins and disabled persons. He also provides entertainment and parties for various people to bring a little sunshine in their life. The VFW can count of him whenever they call. He does not work for status or to be recognized, but he volunteers because he believes that is our duty as Americans who are fortunate to have that opportunity.

Dennis also serves at the Missouri Veterans Home and Ozark Methodist Manor. He always brings a smile and encouragement for the residents. Dennis has been a fixture at these two residences for nearly 18 years. He provides musical programs, collects and donates books for the Veteran’s Library and adopts Veterans on a yearly basis. The part of his service that has the most impact is just listening to the needs and concerns of the Veterans, which shows them they are important and respected. He can also relate to them because of his prior military experiences.

He also serves the Veterans by going to various schools and talking to the classes about Veterans. He passes on a piece of history to them and lets the children know what he and other men and women did for their country.

In addition, Dennis is a valuable member of his local church. He makes sure the parishioners walk into a heated or cooled building, and he keeps it maintained, cleaned and stocked with proper bathroom and cleaning supplies. Dennis also tapes the church services and gives them to shut-ins as gifts. He also teaches a Friday Bible Study Class.

Loy Dennis is one of three Work War II Veterans left in the town, but he continues to persevere. Though he is in poor health and increasing in age; he will not stop giving of himself. For 11 years, he kept watch over his neighbor, Mrs. Hicks. He made sure she was physically well and took her to doctor appointments. He made sure her home was in good repair with regards to her doors and water. Though she passed in August of 2001, Dennis continues to keep a daily watch over her home because it is presently vacant.