Lucy James

Daily Point of Light # 3379 Jan 16, 2007

Approximately 30 years ago, Lucy James began the “Ms. Lucy’s Kids Foundation” a tutoring and safe haven program for children in her home. Today, more than 1,000 youth have moved into productive lives and professions due to the support and tutelage acquired through the program as nutriments for their academic growth and development. She was recognized by her community service peers and in1998, she was awarded for outstanding community service by the Nation of Islam, and in 2005 the YWCA honored her as “the woman who makes a difference” in Shreveport.

As founder of the Ms. Lucy’s Kids Foundation, Lucy has mastered the art of engaging both parent and child in the pursuit of academic excellence. Her tutoring program focuses on reading, math, and social studies for children in grades K-12 whose academic performances are weak or below grade level.

The tutorial program re-teaches reading skills as a gap stopper to the academic deficits; as well as to provide practice and affirmation in areas of study such as math logic/reasoning problems and social studies. Students attend one-hour sessions twice a week during the school year and four days a week during the summer; which includes Saturday and Sunday.

She is a graduate of two police auxiliary programs—Caddo Parish and The City of Shreveport; where she volunteers to patrol the urban streets of Shreveport. When she is not tutoring, feeding, clothing or nurturing community children, she is working to rid the streets of guns, drugs, drug dealers, and crime.