Daily Point of Light # 2660 Apr 15, 2004

Lyndsey Mills, “Miss Henry County 2003,” has long been involved with persons of special needs throughout her community. She has worked with Special Olympics, Circle of Friends, the Sunshine League, and public schools through Partners Clubs. In 2003, she also represented Henry County and participated in “Miss Georgia,” the official “Miss America” franchise.

Previously many young adults with special needs wished to participate in a pageant to demonstrate their social skills and be a part of the community. Lyndsey’s sister, Kristi, has been her inspiration for eighteen years, having been born with Downs Syndrome. Lyndsey demonstrated her love for her sister by holding a special needs pageant that led to increased public awareness of special needs persons while giving the participants self-esteem, confidence, and recognition.

The special needs pageant, held in July 2003, was attended by more than 200 people and the attendees were both humbled and surprised by what they saw that evening. It was a very moving and emotional experience for all. This pageant will be held yearly in Henry County and to my knowledge there is not another event like this anywhere in Georgia. Lyndsey Mills’ goal is to promote it statewide.