Madeline Bethea

Daily Point of Light # 4984 Apr 24, 2013

Madeline Bethea started Stuffed with Love in 2006 when she became involved with a youth development organization that required community service. At the age of five, Madeline found there to be limited opportunities for youth her age to engage in community service opportunities. . No one had a place for her on their project because she was “too young,” therefore she started her own project. As a result, she founded Stuffed with Love, which takes gently loved stuffed animals, cleans them up, and donates them to those in need of a new fried.

Six year later, she has collected, cleaned and given away over 4,500 stuffed animals to nursing home residents, ill children in hospitals, and emergency first responders. Madeline has expanded her project to include younger girls. She accepts girls aged five and up to be on her team where her mantra is, “Even little people can give big!”

Dev Staff