Mara Taylor

Daily Point of Light # 3766 Jul 10, 2008

Mara has given almost 2,000 hours of volunteer service to OASIS Education Center since 1998. As a front desk receptionist, Mara greets community members as she assists them with registration for classes, answers questions about the program and generally makes the center a welcoming place to be.

She encourages newly widowed women to take that first step out and become an active volunteer so they can focus on something outside themselves. Mara serves on the Advisory Council and has taken leadership in the fund raising club which ensures ongoing financial support of the program.

In addition to working one day/week at OASIS, Mara also volunteers in the gift shop at the local hospital, supports families of surgery patients at the hospital short-stay unit, and volunteers at her church as well. The joy that Mara possesses cannot help but spill over to others. She gives of herself and encourages others to do the same.