Marcie Green

Daily Point of Light # 4340 Sep 24, 2010

Marcie Green exemplifies the role of a volunteer. The generosity of her time and desire to help others makes her a huge asset for Shawnee County Medical Reserve Corps. She performed 238 volunteer hours in 2009, not only as a volunteer, but also as a leader and teacher in the community.

Marcie participated in several public H1N1 vaccination clinics hosted by the Shawnee County Health Agency. She was always willing to work wherever there was a need, and during several clinics, she was the supervisor, in charge of clinic flow. Her compassion played an important role during these clinics as she went out of her way to comfort children receiving vaccinations and assisting elderly and disabled adults.

She also is the most active CPR and first aid instructor in the organization. Marcie not only enjoys teaching these courses, but also understands the importance of these classes as well. She has made significant sacrifices to get volunteers trained in CPR and first aid. Marcie has taught several weekend and evening courses, the times most convenient for the students.

Marcie’s award nominator stated, “There is no doubt in my mind Marcie will continue to be an ambassador of public health for the Shawnee County MRC. Simply stated, it’s what she loves.”

Marcie’s willingness to selflessly serve her community has been very contagious. Where ever she goes, she makes new friends who often volunteer to serve with her.